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Ellen in Biloxi, MS *****
Mileen was so helpful to find a puppy for me. She provided some references of breeders as well as telling me about This is where I found my beautiful male Maltipom and it's all because Mileen went the extra mile to help me. She didn't have the pup I was looking for but if she would have I definitely would have purchased my puppy from her. Don't hesitate to buy from Mileen she is a great business woman with great customer service.
Brittany in Pearll, MS *****
My family love our new addition Zoey Amor. She is super sweet and very affectionate with my children. The whole process was easy, she made me laugh, her home was extremely clean, and she made sure my baby was groomed. Thank you so much
Terry in Oxford, MS *****
Mileen treats each pup like she would her child. I wouldn't even consider buying from anyone else. I have a precious Yorkipoo and want to get another poo to be her playmate.
Terry in Oxford, MS *****
Mileen is just such a sweet lady. I got my lifelong friend from Mileen.
Kay in Florence, AL *****
We recently lost our 18 1/2 year old 3 pound chihuahua and we’re so sad. We knew we needed another tiny baby. I found Mileen Coulter online searching for another puppy. She had a few yorkiepoos that were too young at the time but said we could come look at them. We feel in love with one and put our deposit on her. We just got her last weekend and we are so so in love with her. She is very very smart and so very loving! You can tell she’s been loved on while in Ms Coulter’s home. She is the best puppy ever! We do very much appreciate Ms Coulter working with us to get us the loving puppy we needed. Our new baby is already spoiled and extremely loved!
Jewel in Byram, MS *****
Ms Mileen was wonderful she truly cares about her puppies. I read online what to expect from a trusted breeder and she checked all of the boxes. She recommended a type of puppy for my family that contains 2 children and stayed in touch with me through the entire process of waiting for our puppy to get old enough to come home. She welcomed us to her home and she does not bite her tongue, she is truthful, but also generous and caring. We are so happy that she allowed us to take Prince from her home and bring him to ours to become a member of our family. He’s a complete Angel does not cry, eats healthily, and is very playful and loving. He cuddles all the time. She earned all 5 stars and is very dedicated to what she does.
Hope in Hartselle, AL *****
We were searching for a Maltipoo and Mrs. Coulter didn’t have any available. She did have another breed available and we decided to purchase it instead. Mrs. Coulter likes to match people with the perfect puppy, so she contacted us and referred us to another breeder that had a Maltipoo available. That truly showed me her love for the animals a dedication to matching both the puppies and families with the perfect match. Would very highly recommend Mrs. Coulter to anyone.
Jo Ann in Vidalia, LA *****
We got our MaltiPoo from Mileen three years ago! Honey was so tiny and cute! Mileen was very helpful and patient as I chose our puppy! You could tell she had been loved...we just continued loving Honey we her Mileen left off! Everyone wants to know where I got her and we always give “Fancy Poo 4 U” as her breeder.
Mandy in Ocean Springs, MS *****
Mileen is so great at what she does. I got a puppy from her back in 07 and he was a perfect baby. The love of my life. My mother now needs a new baby and we will be getting another from her. She takes great care of her dogs and they’re top quality . I highly recommend this place!
Annette in Richland, MS *****
I enjoyed our conversation about rearing toy breed puppies. You are very knowledgeable of the small breed puppies. Thank you for taking time with me today.

Annette Bonds, Richland, MS
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