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Mileen Coulter, a true Dog breeder in Silver Creek, Mississippi. We do not sell to Dog Breeders and welcome you to come to my home. See for yourself the love that I have for my dogs and my puppies. Testimonials and Reviews above My mother dogs and my puppies are in my home when puppies are born. At Fancypoo4u, Small breed Teacup and Tiny Toy pure bred mixed breed puppies are my specialty. 

Our Puppies are raised in playpens in my home. Used to household noises, TV, Phone, Video games and vacuum. 

YOUR PUPPY is loved and cuddled every day. They have baby teething toys and exercise toys for mind stimulation. Your puppy is taken to my Vet for health checks. 

My Vet for 20 years, Mark Herbert, phone number is (601) 587 7941. I have had many satisfied customers over the years. We raise Tea cup, and Tiny Toy puppies, as companion pets, and as a family members. Our puppies are hand raised from time of birth. We dock dew claws at an early age, because your puppy can hang their dew claws when playing or digging. If you wait until spay or neutering your puppy to have dew claws removed the dew claws will take longer to heal than the initial spay or neuter is done and be more painful. 
The Puppy Mills and Brokers don't represent the parents to their puppies. Puppy mill operators often degrade dog breeders and their dogs in attempts to make a puppy sale. We now breed Poodle-mix designer puppies or designer dogs. These are F1 breeds. First generation, pure bred mix. This is only from purebred dogs. You may contact us for information on our puppies. Teacup and Tiny Toy Poodle-mix puppies, Maltipoo, Shih poo and Yorkie poo puppies for sale. We want to meet the families who want one of our puppies. 

We don't always have all breeds of puppies available at all times. Our pictures of Past puppies sold represent our Pride and Joy!! We have served the public with healthy puppies for sale for many years. We have a special small breeding facility on the back of my home. If I don't have what you're looking for, I may refer you to a special breeder friend. 
 All of our dogs well taken care of, registered by either AKC or CKC. Dogs and puppies have been raised in my home and well socialized. Thanks for viewing my site. If you did not find what you were looking for such as color of size or gender of puppy then please contact me by email for more information. I check my email every day and will get back with you within 24 hrs. 
 My choice of designer puppies is limited to Poodle-mix and Yorkie-mix puppies with first-generation purebred dogs! We have found the hybrid or mixed breed puppies to be healthier than some purebred dogs. We are very selective in our breeding programs. Our babies are bred to be small. They have Teacup lines in their Pedigrees. 
I have discovered that it's more important to tell about the breed of the dogs that you're placing in homes. When branching out with the purebred dogs people want to know about the two breeds traits and personalities. I hope you enjoy the knowledge, and information that I have tried to pass on not only as a breeder but as a dog lover as well. 

Our puppies come with two sets of shots with regular worming. We also bathe and groom, clip nails, then treat your puppy for parasites. 
Dog breeding and making families happy with one of our puppies is a passion for me. If you follow the Lord your God and harken to His voice and obey His statutes, no enemy can come up against you as the Lord Himself will slay your enemy. If they judge you unjustly the Lord will condemn them as this is the reward of those who serve the Lord with all their hearts mind and soul. 

Mileen Coulter Professional Dog Breeder

Mileen Coulter Welcomes you to her Home in Silver Creek, Mississippi.

Who is Fancypoo4u? Mileen Coulter is a Five Star Licenced Dog Breeder in

Mississippi with Excellent References and Reviews and MORE This is My Life.

Building a place for my dogs was like a Dream come true. I wanted to have my mother

dogs and puppies to be close to me. Not in a Kennel. The love of a Dog is the greatest

Love that there is. A Dog is a wonderful companion. Dogs are always loving, a friend and

companion to the end. Choosing the Dogs for Breeding; Looking at the pedigrees and

potential colors was very interesting to learn. Choosing a mate in size and colors to

compliment the breed was a dream. Grooming my dogs is just one of the Joys in my life.

I truly love the close one-on-one time with my dogs. My Dogs have their own beds and

and exercise yards Our Toy breed puppies are in my Home.

Not a Kennel. In my Studio where pictures are made.

I will Show you the room in my Home where videos for were made

Mileen Coulter always Welcomes you into her home to pick up your puppy.

Mileen wants you to come play with her Poodle mix puppies and see the parents.

Been told when I don't have Puppies For Sale to delete my page?


Mileen Coulter Reputable Dog Breeder, doesn't have all Breeds of puppies at all times.

A new puppy is a lifetime Companion and will bring happiness for many years to come.

Many Families thank me for being here for them. Providing them with healthy companion pets.

At Fancypoo4u Small Teacup, Tiny Toy Poodle mixed bred puppies are my speciality.

We raise Teacup, and Tiny Toy Mixed breed puppies, as companion pets, and as Family

members. My Puppies are raised in playpens, in my home. Our puppies are use to household

noises, TV, and vacuum. YOUR PUPPY is loved and cuddled every day. The puppies have

Baby teething toys and exercise toys for mind stimulation.. Your puppy is taken to my

Vet prior to delivery Your Shots, worming records and guarantee given at sale.


Be sure to mention this if needed for your puppy in an email to Fancypoo4u@aol.com


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To everyone that has taken time out of their busy day,

“Thanks for your time"


If you follow the Lord your God and hearken to His voice and obey His statutes,

no enemy can come up against you as the Lord Himself will slay your enemy.

If they judge you unjustly the Lord Himself will condemn them as this is the reward of

those who serve the Lord with all their hearts mind and soul.

Teacup or Toy Purebred Designer Maltipoo and Shih poo puppies for sale available to,
Brandon, Brookhaven, Hattiesburg, Biloxi, Gulfport, Gluckstadt, Madison, MS. Ridgeland, Vicksburg, Meridian, Waynesboro, Ocean Springs, Olive Branch, Mississippi. We will meet in Laurel from Atlanta, GA. Birmingham, AL. McComb, from Louisiana, or meet in Jackson, MS. From Memphis, TN. Clinton, Greenville, Southaven. Tupelo, MS. Alexandria, Meet in Louisiana, New Orleans, LA. Baton Rouge, LA. Hammond, Mandeville, Lafayette, Shreveport, Metairie, LA. Visitors from Ft Walton Beach, Pensacola, Tallahassee, FL. Beaumont, Dallas, Houston, Texas, TX.