Playpen Care

You will need to make sure that your puppy receives plenty of rest. Do not let him over exert himself for the first two weeks. Minimize their activity level so that their blood sugar levels do not drop. Puppies are easily stressed by excessive holding. You should limit holding the puppy to 20 minutes per hour unless he is sleeping on your lap. Puppy playpens or play yards are best to house a toy breed puppy. They can see their surroundings and not feel lonely. Feeding instructions and type of foods fed can vary depending on the puppy. These will be given to you before you receive your new baby.

This is what we use at Fancypoo4u:
Puppy playpen at
Wee Wee Pads Or News Paper
Small Fleece Pad
Child-Safe Washable Toys found in the Baby section at Walmart.
Shallow Food/Water Bowls
Puppy Gate

Place the Puppy playpen in a highly visible area of your home. Leaving a television or radio playing softly when you are not home with him will help him not feel lonely. This reduces stress during the 1st week after arrival. On one end of the playpen, place the wee wee pad and on the other end place his little bed, blanket, and his toys. Place his food and water bowls near his bed. The idea is to get him to go to the other end of the playpen to do his business on the wee wee pad. You can start crate training him when he gets a little older. These puppies have very small bladders and in my opinion crate training is not an option with these little babies until their bladder is larger. They also feel very alone and closed off in a crate.

Place it away from an outside door so they won't get cold drafts. It's best on a far wall or in another room where there is no outside door at all. This is the best place to keep your baby until he is through with his shots. You may have visitors coming in and may have small children with them. Your baby will be well protected in this playpen. You will be able to fold it up and take it with you to relatives homes if you wish, or have one in your office at work.

A playpen is an excellent way to introduce small children to a new puppy. It gives the puppy a safe haven, while the children are taught to touch and feel with your supervision. You may come to my home to pick up your puppy. Our puppies are not raised in a kennel. Your puppy is raised in my home.

Playpen Care