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Shorkie poo Personality 

Shorkie poo puppies are looking for their forever home! Shorkie poos are a Poodle-mix puppy cross bred with a Shorkie, Shih tzu being Loving and Loyal, Yorkie, playful and affectionate and Toy Poodle which adds brains that makes them easily trained. All breeds are hypo-allergenic. The Shorkie poo is a puppy with a huge personality, a perfect all around companion pet.  Shorkie poo puppies love to play, snuggle, and give kisses. A Shorkie poo puppy will make the perfect loyal Lap puppy and adventure buddy. Shorkie poo puppies love anyone, children and Seniors alike. Shorkie poos are devoted and loving dogs for all types of households. If your looking for a loyal loving dog in a small package then the Shorkie poo puppy just might be the perfect breed for you.

 Your Shorkie poo has been raised in my home with Dedication and Love of the Breed. Shorkie poos may be raised in a home or an appartment, they get enough exercise running around the home. Advisable to bath once a month with a hypoallergenic shampoo. Shorkie poo Puppies will arrive with a puppy clip, nails trimmed, up-to-date with 2 shots at 6-8 weeks of age, dewormed at 2, 4 and 3 times at 6 weeks, and vet checked from nose to tail. Don't miss this perfect opportunity to add one of our Shorkie poo pups to your family! 

Shorkie poo puppy Pictures

Our Shorkie poo puppies were Born December 12,  2023. Shorkie poo puppy Pictures are below. Shorkie poo will weigh 6-10 pounds grown with price range between $600-$800. The Shorkie poos are ready for their forever home. 

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Black and White male Shorkie poo puppy is going to live with Britney and her 3 children and his sister in Brandon, Mississippi. 

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Male Shorkie poo Puppy is sold. Going to a family in Brandon, Ms. Thanks for taking him to be with his sister. The kids will Love him.

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Welcome to the Shorkie poo Puppy Gallery of Fancypoo4u darling Shorkiepoo puppies for sale. You will see 2 views of each Shorkiepoo. The Shorkie poo Puppies were born 11/12/2023. Mother is a Shorkie and Sire is a Toy Poodle. We give 2 sets of shots for our babies with regular worming schedule. I'm very happy to have the Shorkie poo because they are so sweet.

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Shorkie poo puppy training, 

If properly trained they will need the Puppy Playpen to be close to their food and for potty training the first seven days while acclimating to the Shorkie poo puppy's new home. Open the gate after day seven so your Shorkie poo can go back and forth to eat sleep or potty Close the puppy gate when your Shorkie poo is not supervised. A puppy playpen with a gate can be purchased at either or with 2 day delivery.