Boys Vs. Girls

"I want a girl" because they are so sweet, and it's always what I have had. I feel that is the Breeders place to educate the new puppy buyer. I have been a breeder off and on for 35 years. I have listened to people, and I have learned if you want a life long compnion the boy is for you. He will follow your every step and sit down with you when you take a rest. Many people don't believe that the female is the dominate one of the household. This is why she is called "A Bitch" There is usually one dominate dog in the household and it's the female. She will fight for dominance. The male will get along better with other dogs. If you have children you need a male. I have heen told that they are a built in baby sitter, because they always love to play. Training is faster with the Boy than the girl, because they are more willing to please than the girl is. The girl usually has other things on her mind. I have both male and female dogs in my home. I can see that the male is the one who usually wants to play while the female wants to be left alone. The females tend to gain weight with age because they aren't as playful as the males are.

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Spray Or Neuter?

I have had people call me on the phone and tell me I want a girl because I opened the door and my male ran out, and I never saw him again! This is because a female was in heat. It's your choice, to have a great family pet. I have also heard that the male hikes all over the place. I asked if he was fixed. He was not neutered. The time to do this is at 4-6 months of age, before the hormones drop. If you neuter the male you will have a great companion dog and an exceptional family pet. All the urges to hike or hump should be gone. The little boy dogs will no longer have the urge to do manly things! People don't know that the female will hump too during her period of heat. The female will have month long heats where males will hang around and you can't even take her out to use the bathroom. She will be moody and even sleep under the bed. If you want a Great Pet you will spay or neuter your animals.