Health Guarantee

At Fancypoo4u, "We are dedicated to our dogs and the care of Your Puppy." I wean out puppies on Science diet Small Paws puppy food. I recommend that you take your puppy to a vet of your choice within first 72 hours. If within this period your puppy is found to have a congenital defect, the buyer may return the puppy with a report from his or her Veterinarian to me for replacement with next puppy of same value. Your puppy is guaranteed against congenital defects until 1 yr of age. I use NuVet vitamins on my mother dogs before birth and when nursing. I believe in the NuVet so much, that if you continue the use of the vitamins I will extend my guarantee for up to 2 years. Should death occur within this period, an autopsy, at buyers expense, must be performed to determine if cause was a congenital defect. If death was caused by a congenital defect, the autopsy report would need to be provided to breeder for replacement of puppy with next available puppy of same value. I will not be responsible for any veterinarian or shipping expenses. 

1 year replacement guarantee against life threatening genetic health defects. Please refer to contract link. Our babies come complete with age appropriate vaccinations and deworming with Health Record Supplied.


Low blood sugar can occur without warning when a puppy goes to a new home, misses a meal, becomes chilled, overtired, or exhausted from too much handling or playing. Teacup puppies are more likely to develop hypoglycemia because they have less ability to store and mobilize glucose. Puppies need frequent meals to prevent hypoglycemic crises. The signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia include depression, lethargy, glassy eyes, weakness, unsteady walk, seizures, nervousness, tremors. In severe cases, the puppy may become unconscious or comatose which can lead to death if not treated immediately. If your puppy shows any of the signs above, give a small amount of white Karo syrup (½ teaspoon). If the puppy is unconscious, rub white Karo syrup on gums. Warm puppy on a heating pad. The puppy should respond within 5 to 10 minutes. If the puppy responds, follow up with some softened puppy food or prescription diet canned AD (available from your vet). You should take the puppy to your vet so that he can make sure sugar level is normal and do a fecal to check for coccidia or other intestinal parasites.

Diet, Exercise, And Overall Health

Dogs are very much like humans in many ways. If they eat right and exercise they are much more likely to live happy, healthy and very contented lives. Of course domestic dogs have to rely on human companions to provide both exercise and a balanced, healthy diet. Unfortunately, many dogs owners don't realize that the way they are treating or spoiling their dogs is actually leading to a shorter lifespan for the pet, typically with associated health problems. Owners that allow their dogs to eat anything they want are perhaps some of the most irresponsible. Most of these people wouldn't allow their kids to eat snacks all day or only eat what they want. They would require the kids eat a balanced diet that is healthy for a human. For some reason, these same individuals fail to understand that a dog needs meat, meat protein, fat and a limited amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. They feed their dog salty, sweet, and processed human food simply because the dog begs for them or seems to enjoy them. The kindest thing that a responsible owner can do is to know when to say "no" to the dog. No matter how much he or she begs, gazes at you with those sad eyes or barks or whines to get a cookie or a bit of that sandwich, you have to be strong and instead reach for a healthy, nutritious treat for your dog. You can give your dog a very small bit of cheese, provided they aren't lactose intolerant or sensitive, a bit of raw vegetables or fruits, a healthy commercial dog treat or a piece of boiled meat or chicken. If your puppy or dog never gets into the habit of begging for human food it is a problem you won't have to deal with in the future.

Exercise is another loving aspect of being a good dog owner. Getting up an extra 30 minutes early to take your dog for a walk or a jog takes commitment, but your pet will be healthier for it. Of course this extra bit of exercise will also be healthy for you, allowing you and your dog to be much more active for years to come. Exercise can also include games of fetch, tug of war and hide and seek. These are great ways to interact with your dog and bond while also getting in a fun workout. Yearly trips to the vet for vaccination, worming, check-ups and weigh-ins are also an important aspect of overall dog health. Take this opportunity to ask your vet any weight, exercise, or feeding related questions about your pet and make sure he or she is staying on track for a healthy, long life.