Customer Review

Being a breeder of Teaccup and Toy breed puppies, Hypoglycemia is constantly on the brain. What is Hypoglycemia? Basically it's Low Blood Sugar. I have created a list of Items you may want to keep on hand if you adopt a tiny toy puppy or especially a Teacup puppy. You want to be prevent Hypoglycemia not to wait until your puppy shows symptoms of having Hypoglyemia.

Karo Syrup -
add a few drops of this to your baby's water for the first few weeks as a protection to keep blood sugar at a normal level. (this can cause loose stools)

Nutria-cal -
Give to your baby after he/she is done eating. Vanilla Yogurt mixed in with food at least once a day.

Pet Nutri-Drops -
This works very fast in getting into the bloodstream. Low levels of sugar can cause your baby to have a "Sugar Attack" this can be brought on by stress with such things as weaning or relocating. This condition is not life threatening unless left untreated. My guarantee doesn't cover hypoglycemia. For further information do a search online for "hypoglycemia in tiny Teacup Poodles"

Symptoms Include:
Pale or white gums
Failure to eat or loss of appetite

If this is left untreated you will see symptoms such as:
Inability to hold down food or Diarrhea

Also have on hand Cesar Puppy Chicken & Beef Recipe. This puppy food has more fat in it than most puppy foods. When you bring your puppy home it may be SAD and scared because it isn't at home in the usual surroundings. Feed this to the little ones in the evenng to help hold up the blood sugar level during the night.

For more information on the medications please research them and find the one that is right for your puppy. You are all this tiny baby has at this point so I urge you to take this information and keep it with you forever.