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This is a weight chart we found on the web. It has been very accurate. It follows the rule of the
Thumb very well as to 3 times the weight at 8 weeks and double the weight at 12 weeks
Yorkies, will weigh less than this chart, because they stop growing sooner. Yorkies will double
their weight at 10 weeks of age. add 3 oz. This scale should hold true if you don't feed food off
the table, unless it's meat and vegtables. There are things a Toy breed dogs shouldn't eat.
We have Shipped puppies safely to,
Florida, Fl. Arizona, AZ. Arkansas, AR. California, CA. Colorado, CO. Idaho, ID.
Illinois, IL. Indiana, IN.  Iowa, IA. Kansas, KS. Kentucky, KY. Maine, ME. Maryland,
Md. Massachusetts, Ma. Michigan, Mi.  Minnesota, Mn. Missouri, Mo. Montana Mt
Nebraska Ne Nevada NV New Hampshire NH New Jersey NJ New Mexico, NM. New
York, NYC. NY. North Carolina, NC.  Mississippi, Louisiana, New Orleans, Baton
Rouge,  La. Gulfport, Ms. Hattiesburg, Ms. Atlanta, Georgia Ga.  Memphis, Tennessee
Tn. North Dakota, Nd. Oklahoma, OK. Oregon, Or. Pennsylvania, Pa. Rhode Island,
RI. South Carolina, Sc. Texas, TX. Utah, UT. Vermont, Vt. Alabama, Al. Virginia Va
Washington, WA. Wyoming, WY.  Wisconsin, WI. West Virginia, WV.
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