I don't ship puppies anymore. Your Welcome to come to my home.
Puppies do get car sick. It's dangerous to drive with a puppy because they get
Car Sick unless you rest after 6 hours. The toy breed puppies can get Hypoglycemia

Local pick ups also welcome with a set appointment.
Puppies driving in cars for long periods of time can get car sick, throw up all over the place
and refuse to eat. Some will even refuse to go to the bathroom. Depending on the size of the
puppy you are buying this could spell disaster especially if you are buying a Morkie, Yorkie or
a Maltipoo. The tinier the puppy being transported it also raises the risk. They can develop
hypoglycemia; keel over and kick the bucket in just a matter of hours. Even if the puppy
survives the trip the affect may still be seen days later. Some may want to blame the breeder
for the puppy being sick but it may not be the case. Most will choose this method of transport
if available; however a word of caution should be given when using this method. Visit your
vet after a car trip of more than 6 hours.
Withhold food for 2 hours before resuming your trip home.
I have never had a problem shipping any of my babies. Remember babies have no fear of
flying. They usually sleep just like in a car. I will get your baby to an airport as close to your
home as possible. I use Continental, Northwest, and Delta Airlines to do ship with.

I never ship babies without first having them vet checked to be sure they are eligible to fly.
All of my puppies are healthy or they do not leave my home. If you would like references they
are in my guest book. Most of my babies come pre spoiled, waggin' tails and giving kisses.
All puppies raised in my home, are Clean, and parasite free!!! Shipping prices have gone up
but hope to keep the price within reason. This is the airlines prices; plus vet visit for
interstate movement, health certificate, and the price of carrier for flight. I will include food
for trip and absorbent material or a blanket, according to the weather.

Please, if you have any questions email me. I check my email every day and will usually reply
same day or within 48 hrs. Bring water, towel, and a wee wee pad for the floorboard. This is
better than a place where strangers have walked.


Mileen Coulter
Silver Creek, Mississippi

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