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Once you have looked into the eyes of a Shorkie puppy you will be hooked!
You will find  Every Day is a Sunny Day with  One of our Shorkie Puppies!!
Shorkie puppies give you unconditional love. They are wonderful
companions, for children, and retired couples.
The Shorkie puppy is hypoallergenic and non-shedding.
If you don't want a Shadow, don't get a Shorkie puppy.
Shorkies fit perfectly into most families.
Home raised Shorkie puppies are very easy to train.

We have had people to drive in the south from Brookhaven, MS. Canton, MS. Brandon, MS. Jackson, MS.
McComb, MS. Vicksburg, MS. Meridian, MS. Waynesboro, MS. Shorkies sold in Covington, LA. New Orleans, Louisiana, LA.
Baton Rouge, LA. Hammond, LA. Mandeville, LA. Lake St Charles, LA. Metairie, LA. Gulfport, MS,
Hattiesburg, MS. Ocean Springs, MS. Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Mobile, Alabama, AL. Shorkie in Montgomery, AL.
Tuscaloosa, AL. Birmingham, Alabama, AL. Ft Walton Beach, FL, Pensacola, Florida, FL. Tallahassee, FL.
Memphis, TN. and surrounding areas.

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loving home raised puppy find.

If you see my name Mileen Coulter on another persons web site you will know that they are my competitors.
They built these websites to ruin my life as a dog breeder. The Shorkie puppy brokers can't put the slander on their
websites, because then you will know and not buy a puppy from them either!!
Also on their web sites they say that they are The Shorkie Queen, or the Shorkie World and the Experts with
Top Quality Shorkie puppies for sale.
It's all about them selves, not about the Shorkie puppies. I don't see them invite you to their home.
I don't see the parent dogs, no because my parent dogs aren't in some puppy mill in a 24 x 24 inch cage with no exercise.
My Shorkie mothers get to play in a play yard while I love on my Shorkie puppies.
If interested in a Shorke, Shorkies or Shorkie puppies for sale contact or call 601-886-7381
Shorkie puppies for sale,in Mississippi Shorkie puppiesfor sale in Louisana, Some Shorkie Breeders say Yorkie mix puppies for sale.
Some Shorkie breeders say Shorkies are Shih tzu-mix puppies for sale. Shorkies are Designer puppies with a twist.
Shorkie puppies for sale,fancypoo4u
Shorkie Breeders
Shorkies for sale
Shorkie puppies
Shorkie Breeders
Shorkies for sale
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Shorkie puppies have
been SOLD to Dawn
in Madison, MS
Brown male Shorkie puppy SOLD
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shorkie puppies for sale, fancypoo4u
shorkie puppies for sale,fancypoo4u
shorkie puppies for sale, fancypoo4u
shorkie puppies for sale, fancypoo4u
Shorkie puppy is SOLD