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Sold to Kenny and Amber
in Orlando, Fl
 Morkie puppy for sale
Sold to Hayley in NH
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Come to my home and play with our Morkie puppies for sale!
By Appointment only 601-886-7381
Below is a female Black/Cream Morkie puppy.
email me for more information about Morkie puppies for sale.
Fancypoo4u Morkie  breeder has  Morkie puppies for sale!  601-886-7381
Come and see our Morkies for sale by appointment only. . Located in Silver Creek, Mississippi .
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Mileen Coulter

Morkie Breeder  with Morkie puppies for sale..
Silver Creek, Mississippi

Morkies Morkie puppies Morkie puppies for sale from a Morkie puppy breeder in Mississippi. MS

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Morkies are our Passion, This is why Morkie world was created to tell more about the Morkie
puppies. We Love our Morkie puppies. I made a special Movie room so we can bring Morkie
Videos to you. Below is a little Flashy Tricolor Black/tan and White We have a Teacup Morkie
puppy for sale. The male Teacup Morkie puppy is a Teddy Bear Morkie puppy.
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morkie puppies for sale,Fancypoo4u
This Morkie puppy has been raised in my home and is very social. She loves to cuddle in my lap.
Loves a belly rub.
morkie puppies for sale, Fancypoo4u
Grown Morkie dog-fancypoo4u
What does a grown Morkie look like. Here
you see a picture of a grown Morkie puppy.
Corky is 2 1/2 years old here.

Golden Morkies don't ever stay that
Golden color. The Golden Morkies should
really be called Blond Morkie puppies.
This Blonde Morkie puppy is Corky.
Corky looked like one of the puppies up
above. I chose this picture of the many
pictures that I have been sent since Corky
has been a grown Morkie.
Corky is 3 years old, he is a joy to have around, everybody loves Corky.
Whenever he meets new people, they all want to take him home.
The Morkie is not a purebred dog.  It is a cross between a Maltese and Yorkshire
Terrier.  The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look
up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the
characteristics found in either breed