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Being a breeder of Toy breed puppies, Hypoglycemia is constantly on the brain.
What is Hypoglycemia? Basically its Low Blood Sugar. I have created a list of items you might
want to keep at arms length if you adopt a tiny toy or especially a teacup puppy. You want to be
prepared just in case your baby shows symptoms of having hypoglycemia.

Karo Syrup- add a few drops of this to your baby's water for the first few weeks as a protection to
keep  blood sugar at a normal level. (this can cause loose stools)

Nutria-cal - Give to your baby after he/she is done eating.

Yogurt mixed in with food at least once a day.

Pet Nutri-Drops- This works very fast in getting into the bloodstream.

Low levels of sugar can cause your baby to have a "Sugar Attack" this can be brought on by stress
with such things as weaning or relocating. This condition is not life threatening unless left
untreated. My guarantee doesn't cover hypoglycemia. For further information do a search online
for "hypoglycemia in tiny poodles"

Symptoms Include:


Pale or white gums

Failure to eat or loss of appetite

If this is left untreated you will see symptoms such as:

Inability to hold down food or Diarrhea



All of these can lead to Death. For more information on the medications please research them and
find the one that is right for your puppy. You are all this tiny baby has at this point so I urge you to
take this information and keep it with you forever.
Teacup Puppies hypoglycemia
teacup poodle
Hello, just touching with you about my little boy Kirby. He is all grown up and a real joy for my family.
I have moved to Florida since we last met. I sold out there in MS a year ago. Am attaching a couple of
pictures for you to see my boy all grown up. I keep him short because it's so hot here in Jacksonville.
Let me hear from so I will know what you think of him.

We have a very good vet and groomer about 2 blocks from our house. Take care friend and may surprise
you next time we come to see my sister in Crooked Creek Community.
Thanks for my baby boy, he and my other boy play so great together. Tico weighs a whopping 3.6 pounds
and is 9 years old and Kirby weighs a big 3.2 pounds. I love them both so much.
Thanks again.
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