Yorkie Poo puppies are a cross between Yorkie mother and
4 1/2lb Poodle sire. They should weigh about 5 lbs grown.
Littleman PePee is the sire. (poodle mix puppies)
These babies are excellent for allergy sufferers. Yorkie poo
puppies  are sweet happy, healthy brave and loyal, watchful and
Yorkie poo puppies are a highly trainable companion dog.
Yorkie poo puppies are amusing and great at learning tricks.
Yorkie poo puppies  
are good with apartment life and do OK without a yard
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Mileen Coulter
Silver Creek, Ms
Roxey in Ohio at Christmas
Dark Chocolate Yorkie Poo Baby Sold to the Rogers family in
Hammond La
Chocolate Yorkie poo puppy
Sold to Donna in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
My thanks to Beth, for her nice reference about her Yorkie poo baby boy,
in my guest book. I'm very proud that he is the perfect Yorkie Poo puppy  for you!
My Thanks to Milene for her nice reference in my guest book
She bought a Beautiful Yorkie Poo baby girl.
Pictured below.
Yorkie poo
Yorkie poo puppies
Same Boy
Brown/tan Yorkie poo boy
Sold to the Santo's family in TN
Brown Yorkie poo girl
Sold to Lucreita in Ohio
Chocolate/Tan Tea Cup Yorkie poo
Sold to Katryna, in Ma
Black/cream Yorkie poo boy
Gone to live in Rhode Island, Ny
Yorkie poo puppies
Yorkie poo puppies
Yorkie poo puppies
Yorkie poo puppies
MaltiPoo   PeekaPoo    Morkies Shorkies
Yorkie poo
Sold to Milene in Las Vegas, Nv