New Yorkies! Heidi's Yorkies were Born July 27. Yorkie puppies are ready for homes now.
Heidi's Yorkies were born. She has two adorable female Teacup Yorkies for sale.
I'm not a pet store. I am a dog breeder. We also have other kinds of puppies for sale.
If your interested in an other Toy breed puppies. Check out my other nursery pages of the Toy breed puppies we
have for sale. If your interested in one of our home raised Yorkie puppies there will be a waiting period.
Email me at I will be glad to put you on my waiting list.
We have Yorkie puppies for sale.  You may see pictures of Yorkie puppies on my website.
These Yorkie puppies represent the top Quality Yorkie puppies that we have sold. Check out the VIDEO!!!
The VIDEO of our Yorkie puppies playing represents our Home Raised Yorkie puppies!!!
Teacup Yorkie puppies will be $800-$1500.
Standard Yorkie puppies are $500-$800.
Teacup Yorkie puppies take longer to raise, because they are smaller.
I will be screening my families that are interested in purchasing a Yorkie puppy, to see if the Yorkie that your
interested in would suit your family life style. I will ask a series of questions.
I want you to remember that I'm looking for the best homes for my Tiny Toy and Teacup Yorkie Puppies.
Please don't be offended by the questions I ask.
I would like to see that they are going to be given the best of care. This is a tiny life is an extension of my love.
We raise our Yorkie puppies in our home. Since my Yorkie puppies are home raised,
You may come to my home and see my Yorkie puppies for sale.
Fancypoo4u Yorkshire Terrier Breeder has Home raised Yorkie puppies in South Mississippi.
Home raised Yorkies available to Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. We ship anywhere in the USA.
For an appointment call 601-886-7381/or cell 601-954-9124.
Click here for Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale
If your looking for Yorkie puppies for sale please read the info below.
I am a Yorkie breeder not a Pet store. We  have Tea cup, and Tiny Toy Yorkie puppies for sale.
If your looking for a Yorkie Breeder with Yorkie puppies for sale now, we have some!
Yorkshire terrier puppies ~Yorkie puppies will be available September and October.
You may come to my home and see my Yorkie puppies for sale.
There is a price and size of Yorkies for sale for everyone.
Yorkie puppies are playing in the Victorian Cradle.
I have Yorkie puppy Cradles for sale.
Perfect by your bed at night $100.00 shipping included.
Yorkie puppies for sale in Mississippi
more yorkie puppies
Yorkies for sale
Shipping is $275.
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Teacup Yorkie Teddy
Sold to Aeden in Holidaysburg. PA
Tea cup Yorkie Abby Sold
to Lisa in Mandeville, La
Excepting $200. Deposits only for the Yorkie puppies for sale. May be made with Credit cards or Pay Pal
Your deposit is non refundable. We consider the Yorkie puppy of your choice as sold with a deposit.
People have picked up Yorkie Puppies in Mississippi. from:
Brookhaven, Canton, Carthage,  Brandon, Jackson, McComb, Vicksburg, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Ocean Springs;  Olive Branch, Meridian, Waynesboro,
People drive up from Louisiana : Covington,. New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Hammond, Mandaville, Lake St Charles, Metairie,
Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, AL. Tallahassee, FL.
Memphis, TN. and surrounding areas.

We will meet customers with Yorkie puppies up to 1 hour driving time.

We have shipped Puppies safely to,
Florida, FL. Arizona AZ. Arkansas AR. Los Angeles,  San Francisco, California CA. Denver, Colorado, CO. Idaho ID. Chicago, Illinois IL. Indiana IN. Iowa IA.  
Kansas, KS. Louisville,; Kentucky KY. Maine ME. Maryland MD. Massachusetts MA. Michigan MI. Minnesota MN. Missouri MO, Montana, MT. Nebraska, NE.
Nevada NV. New Hampshire NH. Newark, New Jersey, NJ. New Mexico, NM. NYC, New York, NY. North Carolina NC. North Dakota ND. Ohio OH. Oklahoma
OK. Oregon OR. Pennsylvania, PA. Rhode Island, RI. Greenville, South Carolina, SC. Dallas, Houston, Texas, TX. Salt Lake City, Utah UT. Vermont, VT.
Virginia Beach, Richmond, Virginia, VA. Seattle, Tacoma, Washington, WA. Baltimore, Washington DC, Wyoming, WY. Madison,
Wisconsin, WI. West Virginia, WV. Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Virginia. VA.
teacup yorkies
teacup yorkie
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Yorkie puppies
Baby Doll Face Yorkie
AKC female Yorkie puppy
Sold to
Baby Doll Face Yorkie
AKC Teacup Yorkie Female puppy
Sold to Kharlie in Carthage, MS.
yorkies for sale
yorkie puppies in Mississippi
Teacup Yorkie puppies
Teacup Yorkies
yorkie puppies
for more yorkie puppies
Yorkie puppies
email for my yorkie puppy waiting list
email for my yorkie puppy waiting list
email for my yorkie puppy waiting list
Yorkie puppies for sale
Yorkies for sale
Teacup Yorkies