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You will need to make sure that your puppy receives plenty of rest. Do not let
him over exert himself for the first two weeks. Minimize their activity level so
that their blood sugar levels do not drop. Puppies are easily stressed by
excessive holding. You should limit holding the puppy to 15 minutes per hour
unless he is sleeping on your lap. Puppy playpens or play yards are best to
house a toy breed puppy. They can see their surroundings and not feel lonely.
Feeding instructions and type of foods fed can vary depending on the puppy.
These will be given to you before you receive your new baby.

This is what I use for my toy puppie's

What you will need:

Graco pack & play playpen or play yard

Wee Wee pads or news paper

Small fleece pad

Child safe toys, that are washable

Shallow food and water bowls

puppy gate

Place the play pen in a highly visible area of your home. Leaving a television
or radio playing softly when you are not home with him will help him not feel
lonely. This reduces stress during the 1 st week after arrival. On one end of
the playpen, place the wee wee pad and on the other end place his little bed,
blanket, and his toys. Place his food and water bowls near his bed. The idea
is to get him to go to the other end of the playpen to do his business on the
wee wee pad. You can start crate training him when he gets a little older.
These puppies have very small bladders and in my opinion crate training
is not an option with these little babies until their bladder is larger.
They also feel very alone and closed off in a crate.

Place it away from an out side door, so they won't get cold drafts. It's best
on a far wall or in another room where there is no outside door at all. This is
the best place to keep your baby until he is through with his shots. You may
have visitors coming in and may have small children with them. Your baby will
be well protected in this playpen. You will be able to fold it up and take it with
you to relatives homes if you wish, or either have one in your office at work
portable playprn
A Playpen is an excellent way to introduce small children
to a new puppy. It gives the puppy a safe haven, while
the children are taught to touch and feel with your supervision.
You may come to my Home to pick up your puppy. Our puppies
are not raised in a kennel. Your puppy is raised in my home,
Fancypoo4u Mileen Coulter

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Teacup Puppies, and smaller Poodle puppies warrant extra care, just because
they area tinier size puppy. When you take a Teacup puppy from it's home and
siblings it may not eat as well. If Not given special care the Teacup Yorkie or
Poodle can die. Don't just let your Teacup puppy die, because someone
told you there is no such thing as a Teacup Yorkie or a Teacup Poodle.
Not breeding Teacup Poodles Poodles or Yorkie puppies anymore.
A Teacup puppy needs sugar, or syrup in their water for at least the first week
in their new home. If not given the syrup in the water the Blood sugar level will
drop. Get a tube of neutrical, and start your Teacup puppy on it right away. This
will give your teacup puppy additional vitamins that it needs because it isn't
eating the way it did when with it's siblings. If you have to force feed your
Teacup Puppy when you get it to eat. You will need a syringe. Also have Great
Value Vanilla Yogurt on hand. Give 3 cc of Yogurt and syrup water when you
get it home. Then give them at least 1 teaspoon in the late every evening.
The Yogurt is good bacteria, and it replaces bad bacteria. This helps to boost
the immune system. * Plain or vanilla yogurt (with cultures). You can mix
with a little cottage cheese. * Buttermilk (with active cultures).
* Pepto Bismol (2 to 4 times daily for a couple of days, 1 cc to 3 cc"s each time,
depending on puppy size.. 1 tsp per 10 lbs is also a common dosage
I will not be responsible for dehydration or hypoglycemia in a
Teacup puppy. Call Fancypoo4u for Teacup puppies and
Toy breed puppies as companion pets for Children and as family members.

Have you tried to have a puppy or a dog in an up stairs apartment?
Puppy care for the working family. Now there is a system to keep your Toy
Poodle puppy, Morkie puppy, Maltipoo puppy, Shih poo puppy or dog safe and  
happy, while your gone out or to work.
Everyone can own a puppy or have a dog in their home!
A Deposit is a commitment to buy a puppy of your choice.
It is transferable, but non refundable.

Puppy Care Condo system