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Find the perfect puppy at Fancypoo4u. We are located in South Central Mississippi.
" We are Dedicated to the care of our dogs and Your Puppy"
We Love what we do!
Call: 601-886-7381/or cell: 601-954-9124
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Up dated July 3, 2008
Shipping is $285.
Here at Fancypoo4u our Toy breed Puppies are home raised. We have had many repeat buyers.
Poodle mixed breeds are a very special puppy, because they are hypoallergenic, and non shedding.
Not only this, they have "Hybrid Vigor"This enhances the immune system, therefore the Poodle mix
puppies are more resistant to genetic health problems than a purebreed, therfore they live longer and
are healthier. Poodle mix puppies are easier to train. The Poodle breed was first Police dogs in
Germany, first Hunting dogs, and Frist Circus dogs, because they are easier to train. Check out my
Shih tzu/Poodle mix dogs. You will find that they are a Joy to have as a family member. You will
see the little Shih-poo puppies are non-shedding, and hypoallergenic. Not only that, they are the
perfect for Childrens pets. Some people call the Poodle mix puppies Designer dogs or Designer
Shipping is $285.
Payment or Deposit may be made with PayPal or Credit cards with an added 4% Surcharge