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Shih poo puppies for sale, Shih tzu Poodle mix puppies for sale, Shih poo puppies in Louisiana. Shih poo puppies in Mississippi.
Find the perfect Shih Poo puppy for sale at Fancypoo4u. Shih poo breeder in Mississippi.
Peekapoo puppies for sale
Poodle mix puppies
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shih poo puppies
Shipping is $300.

Mixed breed puppies have "Hybrid Vigor."
This improves domestic animals, and lowers the risk of health problems.
Poodle mix puppies are non shedding, and non allergenic.  The poodle mix puppies
are more resistant to genetic health problems than a purebred. Just ask your vet.
Our Designer puppies are the Greatest little pet for your family..
The Shih poo come with health records UTD 2 sets of shots, wormed 5 times,
and vet checked, with a written health guarantee.
Some people call the Shih poo puppies Designer dogs or Designer puppies. They're
considered a Designer breed, Hybreds, F1 Hybrid dogs. Tea Cup Shihpoo puppies, and
Toy size Shih-poo puppies. My Shih Poo puppies are non-shedding and make the perfect
puppy for families with allergy's because they are non shedding and so very sweet.
Come see my beautiful Designer Poodle-mix Shih Poo puppies in person Today!

Fancypoo4u has  home-raised Shih poo puppies for sale. We have had many repeat
buyers for our Poodle mixed breeds. The Poodle breed was first Police dogs in Germany,
first Hunting dogs, and First Circus dogs, because they are easier to train.

Check out my  Shih tzu-Poodle mix dogs. You will see the little Shih poo puppies are
non-shedding, and hypoallergenic. Not only that, they are the perfect for Children's pets.
Some people call the Poodle mix puppies Designer dogs or Designer puppies.
They are considered a Designer breed, Hybrid puppy.

Our Shih poo puppies for sale are
"Home Raised" and Pre Spoiled.
The Shih poo puppies are raised in Playpens with Baby toys that stimulate their minds.
Shipping is $300.
Deposit may be made with PayPal or Credit cards with an added 4% Surcharge
We have a new litter of Shih Poo puppies. Born May 30.
These Shih poo puppies will be ready to go to homes August 08.
If interested in a Black or Brown Shih poo puppy for sale.
Email Me
shih poo puppies
We have had people to drive in the south from Brookhaven, MS. Canton, MS. Brandon, MS. Jackson, MS. McComb, MS.
Vicksburg, MS. Meridian, MS. Waynesboro, MS. Coventington, LA. New Orleans, LA. Baton Rouge, LA. Hammond, LA.
Mandeville, LA. Lake St Charles, LA. Metairie, LA Gulfport, MS. Hattiesburg, MS, Ocean Springs, MS. Atlanta, GA.
Mobile, AL. Montgomery, AL. Tuscaloosa, AL. Birmingham, AL Tallahassee, FL. Memphis, TN.
Atlanta, Georgia, GA. Memphis, Tennessee, TN Dallas,TX. Houston, Dallas, Texas, TX.
shih poo puppies
shih poo puppies
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peekapoo puppies for sale
Apricot Female puppy, sold to Kim in Hammond, Louisiana
shih poo puppies
Shih poo puppies for sale in Mississippi
shih tzu poodle-mix puppies
Fancypoo4u-Teacup-Toy Poodle breeder Breeding Poodle mix puppies.
The Shih poo puppy is our choice for the perfect Puppy! Non Shedding and great
with small children and older children a like. Very easily trained because of the
Poodle mix. Black-white toy and Teacup Shih poo puppies for sale, weigh
5 lbs to 6 lbs grown. You may come to my home with an appointment.
Email me at
shih poo puppies
Shih poo Puppy Breeder Specializing in Healthy, Beautiful Mixed Breed poodle puppies.
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Poodle mix puppies for sale in louisiana. We have Shih tzu-poodle mix puppies,
Toy and Teacup  Shih poo puppies living in Louisiana, and Alabama.
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