My Mothers are on Nuvet when your baby is born and during nursing.
I wean my babies on NuVet vitamins. To enhance their immune system
and to reduce stress from separation.
Go to google and type in pet vitamins nuvet to see how many breeders
are listed.
I suggest that you click the link above and order some. A sample supply
will be included in with your baby's food. I recommend that you take
your puppy to a vet of your choice within the first 72 hours. Your puppy
is guaranteed against congenital defects until 2 yrs of age. Provided
you have continued the use of NuVet Vitamins. If with in this period,
your puppy is found to have a congenital defect
The buyer may return the puppy with a report from his or
her Veterinarian to me for replacement with next puppy
of same value.
Should death occur within this period, an autopsy,
at buyers expense, must be performed to determine if
cause was a congenital defect. If death was caused by a congenital
defect, the autopsy report would need to be provided to breeder,
for replacement of puppy with next available puppy of same value.
I will not be responsible for any veterinarian or shipping expenses.
Your puppy has been raised on Eukanuba Small Bites Puppy,
or Iams puppy food. I don't recommend changing the diet of your
baby. Your baby will come with a health record showing dates of
deworming, type of medication used and all vaccine shots

A non refundable deposit of $200 is required to reserve a
Tiny toy puppy. $500 is required to reserve a T-cup puppy.
Full payment needs to be made by 8-12 weeks of age depending on
the size of the baby. If buyer backs out of
sale before puppy is shipped, payment would be refunded minus
deposit paid. If you purchase a puppy from
Fancypoo4u, you are agreeing to this guarantee.
Thank You
Yorkie Breeder in Mississippi.
Mileen Coulter
Silver Creek, Mississippi

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Why I give my dogs and Puppies Nuvet vitamins
Start your puppy on the way with a genetic free guaranty Poodle Breeder in Mississippi. Mileen Coulter, Silver Creek, Mississippi,
For appointment or information call 601-886-7381/601-954-9124
Yorkie puppies   Contract   Morkie puppies   Shorkie puppies
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