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Yorkie sires
Yorkie Dams
Meet Kingsley Teacup Sire to  Nemo
Velvet Touch Kingsley Black/gold
Male Yorkshire Terrier
Weight: 3 lbs. 5 ozs.
Height: 8"
Meet Bella Regan
Blue and Gold Yorkie
Weight: 4.12lbs
Bred to Nemo
Yorkies for sale
" Heidi"  6 lbs 12 oz
Blue/Gold Yorkie
Heidi gives us Tiny Teacup Yorkies
Yorkie puppy
bred to Toby of TNT Buck Shot
Grand sire 2 1/2 lbs
Yorkie puppies born August 08, 2012
Our Dogs are AKC
unless otherwise stated
Your a good man Charlie Brown
AKC 4 1/2 lb Yorkie 7"
2 1/2 lb Teacup sire
AKC  Silver/White 8lbs
Shih-tzu with
Champion lines
Shihpoo Mother
CKC Diva With AKC lines
Mother Maltese 5.8 lbs
of the Morkie babies
Our Dams for Hybrid puppies
Teddy bear Yorkies
AKC Nemo Such a loving boy
4.8 lb Yorkie Stud
Teacup Yorkie Kingsley is his sire
Yorkie boy
Yorkies for sale
It's only because I own my
Yorkies and know my
Yorkies pedigrees that I can
reasonably predict the size
of the Yorkie puppies
and their temperaments
Beware of websites with Just
Yorkie puppy pictures on them.
They are Brokers or
Puppy mills.
They can't predict the weight
of their so called Tea cup
Yorkie puppies!!
Don't support Puppy Mills!!
Shorkie mother to Shorkie puppies for sale
This is Little Bit of Huney
Blue and Gold Yorkie
She weighs 4 lbs
Meet Emmie CKC,
Blue/Gold Yorkie
Weight: 5 lbs
AKC Candy Cane 6lbs
Champion lines Imperial
Shih tzu 6 lbs Shorkie Mother
Shorkie mother to shorkie puppies for sale.
AKC Janice Sue, Mother of Some
adorable Teacup Yorkie puppies
Candy  AKC Yorkshire Dam
4 lbs.
Yorkie sire, Yorkie puppies for sale
Yorkie Stud Toby 4 1/4 lbs
Out of "TNT" Buck Shot 2 1/2 lbs
Yorkies playing
Yorkie boy
AKC Yorkie Sire
Parti Teacup Yorkshire terrier.
Eli  is our Newest Addition
3.5 lbs
Call Fancypoo4u for Teacup puppies and Toy breed puppies as companion pets for Children and as family members.
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Yorkie  puppies from a Yorkie breeder in Mississippi.

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Be aware, there are Yorkie Scams on the Internet today. Don't call 1-800, 1-888, or 1-877 Toll free Hot
Lines. These are Networks or Puppy Brokers. Not home breeders. Most of these Yorkie puppies will
come from Puppy Mills. You may receive a sick Yorkie puppy or not receive a Yorkie puppy at all.
We have heard of many heartaches and Yorkie Scams from Yorkie customers who have been ripped off.